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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Mission Accomplished-

or very nearly anyway. The truck has new shocks and new brake pads on the front. At 91,000 miles the brakes still had at least half the pad thickness remaining. Which surprised me considerably. But since the new ones were paid for and sitting there I put them into use. The new shock absorbers seem to be working very well- except on the one concrete street in town. As we went down the road tonight the truck felt like a bucking bronco across every expansion strip! I may have to throw some sand bags in the bed to settle it down, or exchange them for a different model. Changing them in the driveway, in the rain was nearly painless, except for that very last bolt on the bottom of the last shock. That thing was corroded solid into the sleeve inside the shock absorber bushing. Without the air compressor and the impact hammer I don't think I ever would have removed it. Even using the impact gun it took a bunch of hammering and rust solvent spray and colorful language to get it removed. And of course, another trip to the NAPA store for a new bolt and nut...

The tonneau cover is back in place after being off since I brought home the scooter. The camper did get winterized and pushed back but it still needs the tarp tied down to be done. Noah's Tracker is quiet with the repaired manifold installed and the swamp cooler is drained and covered. We also got the Subaru motor moved into the shop and stashed in a corner and out of the weather and the spare tracker motor is up on the engine stand so that I can make certain its healthy before considering swapping it out.

We did NOT get the Halloween/harvest decorations on display in the yard and we didn't get all the hoses and watering devices stored away. We also didn't tackle the leaking oil seal on the Tracker, instead we'll save that for another weekend.

The spouse has taken a downturn again and is not doing so well. Upset sleeping routines again and worries that don't seem controllable. There's a visit to her Doc planned early this week and hopefully he will be able to assist with the meds to get her back on an even keel. She has been able to cook up some nice soup this weekend and we have been shopping a couple times but she is sill kinda rocky. Dang it all!

Now there's 3 baskets of laundry needing folded that are calling my name. When that's done I suppose I can rest!

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